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Milton William "Bill" Cooper (Deceased) - "Behold A Pale Horse"

Alex Jones/Infowars -

Fr. Brennan (Alias) - AKA Shadowpriest -

Mark Dice - Same Name: YouTube Channel, Facebook, Twitter

Arron Russo (Deceased) - Businessman/Producer, "Mad As Hell"

David Icke - Speaker;, Same Name: YouTube Channel, Facebook

Paul Joseph Watson/Summit Media - Same Name: YouTube Channel, Twitter

Face Like The Sun - Same Name: YouTube Channel

Epoch Times -

Drudge Report -

T. Swanson

The Shadow Priest

Michael Voris/Church Militant -

Luke Rudkowski/We Are Change -

Dinesh D'Souza -, Same Name: Twitter

Eric D. July - Same Name: Twitter, Facebook, YoungRippa59 (YouTube Channel)

Tim Pool - Same Name: Twitter, Facebook, Timcast (Youtube Channel)

The Truth Movement - Same Name: YouTube Channel

UFOTV On Demand - Same Name: YouTube Channel

Stefan Moylyneux - Same Name: YouTube Channel

Louis Boyce - Patriot's Corner, Same Name: Facebook

Breitbart News

More To Come

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